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Structural Steel

GEI offers the total solutions for structural steel products from design to installation. Structural steel is a modern construction system with more advantages than the traditional system of reinforced concrete since it is light weight on foundations and soil. There is no long curing time, high flexibility with the advantage of quick fabrication and erection.

The quality is controlled during fabrication by automated machines within a closed environment. Hence, it is the preferable system in most industrial applications such as oil & gas, refineries, power plants, steel mills, aluminium & copper smelters, fertilizers, and normal factories in addition to non-industrial applications such as high rise buildings, stadiums, malls and airports. Design are created in-house to meet the requirements of all international codes and standards with the assistance of STAAD software and detailed by Tekla structures and AutoCAD.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

GEI provides solutions for the design and fabrication of steel elements and cold formed sections for Pre Engineered buildings starting from design till installation.

The Pre Engineered buildings (known as PEB) are light structural steel systems, mainly used for warehouses, sheds, factories and commercial applications. The design is highly optimized in order to provide the minimum building weight in a safe and economic way. The fabrication on automated machines and the built up sections can be of tapered shapes to save and optimize material.

Roof and walls are covered by single skin cladding or sandwich panels. Standardization in design leads to on-shelf items (previously fabricated and stocked) which ensures fast, easy delivery and execution. Design is made by GEI in-house and meets the requirements of all international codes and standards with the assistance of MBS software and detailed by Tekla structures and AutoCAD.

Pressure Vessels and Tanks

These are the top added value, three-dimensional engineered mechanical products, made of steel plates, stainless steel and special alloys. They are designed to resist high compressed pressure, high temperature, wear, friction and different chemical attacks. The fabrication is made of plate works where the preparation of plates is subjected cutting, bending and rolling.

Welding should be seamless, high quality which should be inspected and tested by different methods of non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetic particles and dye penetration. GEI has the required ASME and API certifications, which are mandatory to fabricate such critical products. Design is created in-house to meet the requirements of all international codes and standards.


It is a fabrication added-value process for shaping critical steel elements with very high precision and accuracy. These processes are lathing, turning, facing, milling, shaping, grinding, planning, drilling, and cutting. These can be also utilized to repair different mechanical items damaged due to wear, friction or fracture. It can be made of any type of castings of different alloys. GEI can do the casting – as an additional feature – through our Group entity Gulf Metal Foundry.